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2016 – Upcoming Energy Balancing Classes

The Ether Element – 3 hours, $65
Each Element class is designed as a stand alone class and I think you’ll be inspired as we uncover the benefits of and tools to help balance our Ether! The Ether Element is known as “the One river from which the other 4 elements flow” and therefore balancing Ether also affects each of our other elements. We’ll be exploring how the Ether element contributes to and affects the formation, function and balance of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Here’s how Balanced Ether shows up in our lives:
Physically as a relaxed and pain free neck and a balanced nervous system
Mentally as calm, clear and able to focus
Emotionally as happy, content and satisfied
Spiritually as peaceful, joyous and connected to Spirit

If any of the above areas are out of balance for you, join us and explore the Ether Element using the same centuries old Ayurvedic 5 Element wisdom and influence that forms the basis of Yoga teachings, with additions from Polarity,Tibetan Shamanism and more. We’ll focus on practices that will help us be more “at One” with ourselves and our loved ones. Learn how to use breath, mantras, affirmations, polarity and mudras to bring more awareness, consciousness and intentionality to this important aspect of our being. You’ll leave the class with several tools to use as needed to help keep yourself calm and balanced and possibly a new friend or two!

The Ether Element – Understanding the 5 Elements
Saturdays: March 12th, March 19th or March 26th
9 am to 12 pm – $65
(Bring a friend special – sign up together and each saves $10)

Small, intimate classes held in Stanwood, one hour north of Seattle. Slide handouts provided. Bring water and wear comfortable clothing.

Upcoming Classes:

The Air Element – Understanding the 5 Elements
The next class in the series coming this May. Uses the same structure and resources as the Ether Element.

The Daily Energy Balance – 2 hours, $35
Learn quick and easy energy balancing techniques that restore your body’s natural energy flow and bring in new vitality. Once learned, these simple techniques can be done almost anywhere, to help you feel calm and centered. A few minutes each day will strengthen your immune system and decrease the impact of stress on your mind/body. No special equipment needed, just you and your body! Wear comfortable clothing and bring drinking water. We had two fun classes last year, would like to offer another. Email or call and let me know if you’re interested…

Self Nurturing for Women – 6 hours, $135
I’m excited to offer this hands on class, which includes a variety of self care techniques. Increase your understanding of Polarity and Ayurvedic health concepts, add a few new Self-care Minutes, address the Five Elements, learn how to keep your Energy Balanced and apply Emotional Stress Release to your personal challenges. You’ll spend the day learning, practicing and receiving. Plan to go home relaxed and empowered with the knowledge that you now have several additional self care tools to use as needed. Great class to do with a few friends…

Call to indicate interest and get on the sign up sheet for each class.

Date and time will be coordinated with Participants.

Classes held in Stanwood.


Cathy Wooten, LMP, HST

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