A strong interest in wellness and an equally strong desire to help prevent pain led Cathy to massage therapy. She believes that if we respect, honor and provide the balanced care that our body needs, we can minimize pain and even live pain free.

Cathy’s goal is to make a sincere difference in the way people feel in and relate to their bodies and her focus is results-oriented Therapeutic Bodywork. Her intention is that each session truly makes a difference in the way your body feels and functions. Using knowledge, skills and intuition to facilitate healing, she encourages and supports your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

The purpose of massage is to reconnect the person to their body
, relax and restore normal muscle tone and reintroduce an overall sense of wellbeing. This is accomplished by manipulation of the soft tissues of the body through a variety of massage techniques.

Your comfort is given high priority. The warmth of the room, table and oil will help you relax and release stress. All massages are professional, non-sexual and confidential. Your individual needs will be addressed and you will be empowered with tools to use in your daily life.

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Benefits of Massage

Proven Benefits of massage include but are not limited to:

Deep relaxation and stress reduction
Improved circulation and better posture
Improved mobility & range of motion
Relaxed state of alertness
Reduced anxiety and depression
Increased body awareness
Injury prevention and recovery
Decreased pain and inflammation
Increased immune response
Balancing effect on brain chemicals

Please encourage everyone to make massage therapy a regular part of their health maintenance program. Massage practitioners have the opportunity to see what long-term stress and chronic pain can do and the wonderful restorative and rehabilitative effects massage can have.

Take the challenge to take the personal steps to responsibility for your own improvement, with attention to a more balanced lifestyle. Specific lifestyle choices include Adequate Hydration, Hot and Cold packs, Balanced Nutritional intake, Stress Management and Regular movement & exercise.

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Massage Techniques & Rates

Cathy takes a holistic approach to massage and will work with you to design a session that meets your personal needs. With 15 years of experience to draw from, your session will include the following techniques:

Swedish Massage uses long, flowing strokes and has been shown to be helpful in promoting relaxation and reducing pain and stiffness. It is also known to help increase circulation and release tension and stress. (1 hr. $60.00)

Hot Stone Therapy is incorporated into most massages in order to allow the heat of the stones to penetrate, relax and soften the tissue. The heat also is soothing and relaxing to the nervous system and allows a more complete integration of treatment. (1 hr. $75.00)

Other techniques that may be incorporated include:

Applied Kinesiology may be used to help balance muscles and posture.
Cranial Sacral used on a facial level helps allow easy movement and flow.
Acupressure / Trigger Point Therapy may be used to facilitate release of stuck areas.
Aromatherapy may be included to promote relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.

Therapeutic – Medical – Treatment Massage

Specific treatment massage and manual therapy focused on a particular area to release chronic muscular tension patterns, decrease pain and inflammation and increase range of motion and functionality of use. If Insurance benefits provide coverage, a medical referral is needed. Pricing dependent on treatment provided and contracted provider agreements.

Deep Tissue is designed to get deeper into the muscles to relieve severe tension in the connective tissue or fascia. Deep tissue massage is used to stimulate circulation, increase lymphatic flow, relax muscle spasms, relieve pain and increase range and flexibility. It is not uncommon to become sore for a day or two after deep tissue work.

Myofascial Release refers to the manual massage technique which stretches the fascia and releases bonds between fascia and muscles. The goal is to eliminate chronic pain issues and increase range of motion and ease of movement.

Specializing in Treatment and Relaxation Massage, Providers are Preferred for most Medical Insurances, L & I and Automobile Policies. Please check your Plan details.

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